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Leather Jackets UK Direct from factory.

Leather Jackets UK Direct brings on sale the most competitive priced leather jackets in UK sourced direct from factory.

Movie inspired jackets are everyone’s dream, they however are generally very expensive to buy for a common man!

Leather Jackets Direct UK aims to make movie and tv series inspired jackets affordable for its customer. Our leather jackets are priced cheaper than other high street retailers in UK, though compromise on quality is never an option for us.

When it comes to buying leather jackets, a lot of research is needed since they are not very cheap and you aim to get the best value for money. Look around no more!

Leather Jackets UK works directly with a number of manufacturers to bring a wide range of high quality, but,competitive priced leather jackets to UK.

Working directly with manufacturers has allowed us to bring these products to you at very cheap prices, without compromising on quality.

We offer Genuine Leather jackets as well as artificial (ie) synthetic leather jackets also known as faux leather. Since everyone has a different preference and budget.

Our collection of leather jackets include Men’s Leather Jackets, Women’s Leather Jackets, Men’s Leather Coats, Women’s Leather coats, Men’s & women’s Biker Jackets, Motorcycle Jackets for men and women, Halloween Costumes, Movies Jackets, Comic Con costumes, Game costumes and Jackets and Lot more.

Some of our best-selling styles include: Black Leather Jackets, Movies Leather Jackets, Games Leather Jackets, Biker Leather Jackets, Bomber Leather Jackets, Army Leather Jackets, Air force Leather Jackets, Motorcycle Leather Jackets, Lambskin black Leather Jackets, Doctor Who Black Leather Jacket, Arnold Schwarzenegger Motorcycle Jacket, Watch Dogs 2 Wrench Jacket, Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket, Wonder Woman Ladies Jacket, X-Men Wolverine Jacket, Elder Maxson’s Fallout 4 Battle Trench Coat, Suicide Squad Joker Coat, Sherlock Holmes Trench Coat, Tom Hardy Dunkirk Farrier Leather Jacket, Deadpool Wade Wilson Jacket, Ladies Black Jacket, Angel The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Wings Leather Vest, Benedict Cumberbatch Trench Coat, David Beckham Black Leather Biker Bomber Jacket, Batman Motorbike Black Leather Jacket, Eggsy Orange Kingsman Tuxedo, Mafia 2 Jacket, Cafe Racer Jacket, Distressed Leather Jackets, Faded Leather Jackets.

Buying Guide – by Leather Jackets Direct – UK

Picking and purchasing a Genuine Leather Jacket coat can be an overwhelming prospect. It’s not a cheap thing (in any event not on the off chance that you need it to last) and it is extremely hard to judge the quality or fit while seeking on the web. Many sellers on very reputed market places like Ebay and Amazon often offer cheaply priced leather jackets to vulnerable buyers who expect a similar product to what they saw on the “very attractive” pictures online, and are deeply disappointed when the order arrives! The quality or feel is not even close to what they expected. Such products may not last a few months let alone years!

Leather jackets direct offers Genuine Leather as well as faux/artificial leather. We source products made from only high quality Leather so they won’t just last this season, you can carry on using them season after season, winter after winter for many years.

All our products are made only from Cow, Buffalo, Sheep and Goat Skin.

Cheaply priced leather jackets are made from Pig skin, Pig skin is cheap and not especially the kind most leather lovers cheer. The leather produced using pig skin is thin, plastic with a sparkling completion and exceptionally poor sturdiness. Pigskin is frequently utilized when cost is the most essential factor so we suggest you maintain a strategic distance from it where conceivable. Be especially suspicious of leather jackets retailing for under £40 as pig may have been utilized to hold the cost down.

Instructions to Spot a Well Made Leather Jacket

Once you’ve discovered a style you like, there are several things to pay special mind to which will give you a decent sign of the nature of make.

YKK zips – Sounds senseless yet these are the best hurdles out there. They are more costly, so on the off chance that you see a YKK marked zoom on a coat, you know the producer has put resources into higher quality segments all through.

Matching panels across the Jacket – As leather is a natural item it will differ from piece to piece. Care must be taken amid assembling to guarantee that the pieces coordinate in shading and tone. Less expensive jackets and coats may not.

No loose strings – Trimming is the last phase of the assembling procedure as each piece of clothing is examined and any free strings cut away. Producers quick to cut expenses will avoid this stage so the presence of loose threads can give a valuable knowledge into the general quality guidelines all through.

Inside and outside pockets – A quality leather jacket/ coat will have as much tender loving care within as the outside. Verify what number of inner pockets are given. In a perfect world the openings will be trimmed in leather while a zip stash is a pleasant touch.

You can buy with complete peace of mind from Leather Jackets Direct, since everything we sell if produced from high quality Leather. Additionally we only choose the best quality lining and zips, ie YKK zips.

We offer free delivery across UK and Worldwide on all items.

Easy & simple returns procedure.